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PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal with multimedia
pipelines. This includes:

  - Making available sources of video (such as from a capture devices or
       application provided streams) and multiplexing this with
  - Accessing sources of video for consumption.
  - Generating graphs for audio and video processing.

Nodes in the graph can be implemented as separate processes,
communicating with sockets and exchanging multimedia content using fd


Pipewire uses the Meson and Ninja build system to compile. If you're not
familiar with these tools, the included "autogen.sh" script will
automatically run the correct meson/ninja commands, and output a Makefile.
It follows that there are two methods to build Pipewire, however both rely
on Meson and Ninja to actually perform the compilation:

$ ./autogen.sh
$ make

or the Meson/Ninja native method:

$ meson build
$ cd build
$ ninja