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Real time event sources
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Real Time Event Sources


A directory of high quality real-time event sources.

Table of Contents


  • 3taps - Searches real-time for postings of items offered for exchange across Twitter, Craigslist and other sites.
  • 511 Open Data - Access to the San Francisco Bay Area's data for traffic and transit.
  • Ably - Ably's hub provides some free live data feeds of information regarding trading, social media, transportation, etc.
  • Alpaca - Alpaca API lets you build and trade with real-time market data for free.
  • Alpha Vantage - A leading provider of free APIs for realtime and historical data on stocks, forex (FX), and digital/crypto currencies.
  • Bitfinex - Trading platform with REST and Websocket APIs.
  • Bitstamp - Allows Bitstamp users access to crypto exchange data.
  • Blockchain - Get information about blockchain transactions.
  • Citi Bike - Real-time system data about bikeshare use in New York City.
  • CEX.IO - Bitcoin exchange offering live trading data.
  • Coinbase - Provides real-time market data updates for orders and trades.
  • CoinBene - The Coinbene SWAP WebSocket API allows developers to subscribe and unsubscribe to topics. Public topics do not require authentication and include order book, trade list, ticker, and kline.
  • CoinCap - Provides real-time pricing and market activity for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • Coincheck - A cryptocurrency API that has a WebSocket interface (in beta).
  • Coinograph - A free cryptocurrency data API built across major crypto exchanges.
  • DC Departement of For-Hire Vehicles - Get the locations of taxis in the District of Columbia.
  • Digitraffic - Open data from Finnish road traffic information.
  • Facebook Real-time Updates API - Receive real-time HTTP notifications of changes to specific objects in the Facebook Social Graph.
  • Finnhub - Real-Time RESTful APIs and Websocket for Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto.
  • Foursquare Places API - Offers real-time access to Foursquare’s global database of rich venue data and user content.
  • Gemini - Stream cryptocurrency market data.
  • Google Analytics - Allows you to request real-time Google Analytics data.
  • HitBTC - REST and Streaming APIs provide programmatic access to HitBTC's Bitcoin trading engine.
  • Kraken - Live cryptocurrency data.
  • Kucoin - Cryptocurrency exchange with real-time public data feeds.
  • Meetup - The Meetup API provides simple RESTful HTTP and streaming interfaces for exploring and interacting Meetup platform from your own apps.
  • Medium - Subscribe to medium's realtime feed of updates via pubsubhubbub.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Real-time New York City transportation data.
  • National Weather Service - Allows developers access to critrical forecasts, alerts, and observations, along with other weather data.
  • Pusher Realtime Reddit API - Free streaming of Reddit stories as they're posted.
  • TheRockTrading - Provides TheRockTrading users real time market data, information about trades, order books and more.
  • Saxo Bank - Access to streaming trading data.
  • Seed CX - An institutional exchange platform for digital assets offering public and private socket feeds.
  • Trafiklab - Access data and APIs for public transport in Sweden.
  • Twitter Streaming API - Offers both free and paid streaming options for accessing real-time tweets.
  • UniBit - A.I. driven data publishing engine for you to access the financial market. Has free and paid packages.
  • - API feeds for news, blogs, discussions, reviews, & darkweb. Offers a free plan and paid plans.


  • BlockFacts - Normalized price feeds for Bitcoin and other digital assets.
  • BriteVerify - Verify individual email addresses on demand.
  • Cirium - Flight Status and Flight Track give you access to information about future and active flights.
  • CryptoCompare - Offers a wide range of cryptocurrency market data sourced from an aggregated feed of over 150 crypto exchanges.
  • FXMarketAPI - Access to real-time currency data sourced from a collection of Tier 1 banks.
  • IEX Cloud - Get live financial data about stocks, cryptocurrencies, sector performance, etc.
  • Intrinio - Real-time financial data.
  • iSports API - Live football and basketball data through API endpoints.
  • Keyhole - Social mention tracking in real time.
  • Mention - Enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media. Only the Enterprise plan includes API access.
  • MySportsFeeds - Democratized, crowd-sourced sports data with a real-time API.
  • OANDA Exchange Rates - Real-time foreign exchange rates.
  • PandaScore - Pandascore's live API is a WebSocket-based API that allows you to receive real-time data from eSports events.
  • - Real-Time WebSockets & RESTful APIs for Stocks, Currencies, and Crypto.
  • PubNub - Real-time data firehoses. Massive streams of data from various sources (weather reports, business metrics, stock quotes, tweets).
  • Roanuz Sports - Live score and stats for cricket, football, and kabaddi.
  • The Rundown - Real-time odds and scores from major sportsbooks. Enterprise package includes Websocket Push API.
  • TD Ameritrade - Financial data including quotes, price history, transaction history.
  • SportsDataIO - Real-time sports data.
  • The Weather Company - Access to a variety of weather data feeds.
  • World Weather Online - Real-time, future, and historical weather data.
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