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@@ -59,6 +59,23 @@ You will need to fill in the unique values for the following:
* `<UNIQUE_TAG_NAME>` - User-defined tag that uniquely identifies the model tag/version within a model/project
pipeline resource-upload --api-token <YOUR_API_TOKEN> --host --user-id <YOUR_USER_ID> --resource-type model --resource-subtype tensorflow --name <UNIQUE_MODEL_NAME> --tag <UNIQUE_TAG_NAME> --path ./tensorflow/mnist-v1/model
Packaging New Resource for PipelineAI...
Preparing PipelineAI for the New Resource...
Sending New Resource to PipelineAI...
Initializing Resource...
"comments": "Navigate to to optimize, deploy, validate, and explain your models in live production.",
"host": "",
"tag": "<UNIQUE_TAG_NAME>",
"name": "<UNIQUE_MODEL_NAME>",
"status_code": 201,
"status": "Success",
"resource_id": "...", # <== Resource ID (Auto-generate)
"experiment_id": "...", # <== Experiment ID (Auto-generated)

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