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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ You will need to fill in the unique values for the following:
* `<YOUR_TAG_NAME>` - User defined tag that uniquely identifies the model version
* `<YOUR_RESOURCE_ID>` - Id that uniquely identifies the uploaded model, resource-id is generated and returned by the `resource-upload` command
pipeline resource-optimize-and-train --host --user-id <YOUR_USER_ID> --resource-type model --name <YOUR_MODEL_NAME> --tag <YOUR_TAG_NAME> --resource-subtype tensorflow --runtime-list [tfserving] --chip-list [cpu] --resource-id <YOUR_RESOURCE_ID>
pipeline resource-optimize-and-train --host --user-id <YOUR_USER_ID> --resource-type train --name <YOUR_MODEL_NAME> --tag <YOUR_TAG_NAME> --resource-subtype tensorflow --runtime-list [python] --chip-list [cpu] --resource-id <YOUR_RESOURCE_ID>
## CLI - resource_optimize_and_deploy

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