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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ _Note: When using AWS EKS, make sure you allocate 100GB to the root volume ephem

Here is a sample command using [Jenkins-X]( with AWS EKS:
jx create cluster eks --node-type=<instance-type> --node-volume-size=100 --verbose=true --cluster-name=pipelineai --install-dependencies=true --skip-ingress=true --skip-installation=true --nodes=1 --eksctl-log-level=5 --version=1.13
jx create cluster eks --node-type=<instance-type> --node-volume-size=100 --verbose=true --cluster-name=pipelineai --install-dependencies=true --skip-ingress=true --skip-installation=true --nodes=1 --eksctl-log-level=5 --version=1.14
* Use `--ssh-public-key=/path/to/public/` to enable ssh'ing to the worker.

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