A gentle introduction to developing Declarative Pipelines for Jenkins.
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Introduction to Declarative Pipeline - Hands On.pdf


Introduction to Declarative Pipelines

This repository contains the instructions and learning materials associated with a hands on training workshop called Introduction to Declarative Pipelines that is designed to teach the following key concepts:

  • What are Jenkins Pipelines and why should you use them?
  • Why should you use Declarative vs Scripted pipelines?
  • What tools are available for creating pipelines?
  • How can you create a simple pipeline via Jenkins?
  • What are the key features of Declarative pipelines?
  • How do you create multibranch pipelinest?
  • How do you create a pipeline using Blue Ocean's pipeline editor?
  • What Pipeline features are available only to CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins customers?

A PDF version of the presentation that accompanies this workshop can be found here: Introduction%20to%20Declarative%20Pipeline%20-%20Hands%20On.pdf

The exercises covered in the workshop are available at the following links:

Important Note: The training content contained in this workshop is kept up to date with the latest releases of pipeline plugins and not all features will be available in Jenkins environments that are not updated regulary or within CAP (the CloudBees Assurance Program). The following are the currently required Pipeline plugin versions:

  • pipeline-model-definition 1.2.6

Training Prerequisites

In order to follow along with the hands on portion of the workshop students should have the following resources available to them:

  • Internet access
  • An account on Github.com and a basic understanding of how to use Github to do things like fork a repository, edit files in the web UI, and create pull requests
  • A personal access token for your Github account (Github-Personal-Access-Token.md) with the following permissions:
    • repo: all
    • admin:repo_hook: all
    • admin:org_hook
    • user: all
  • Access to a Jenkins server

Workshop Environment

For instructions on setting up a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise environment on AWS for the workshop see the following documentation: Workshop-environment.md

Revision History

See: Releases


The content in this repository (with the important exception of the PDF, see note below) is Open Source material released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.

Important Note: The Introduction to Declarative Pipeline - Hands On.pdf file contains corporate identify materials that are proprietary to CloudBees, Inc. that cannot be reused without written permission from CloudBees, Inc.


Although the code in this repository was originally created by employees of CloudBees, Inc. to use in training customers your use of this material is not sponsored or supported by CloudBees, Inc.


Questions, Feedback, Pull Requests Etc.

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. please submit them via issues or, even better, submit a Pull Request!