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A Perch app for sending editable emails
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Pipit Emails

The Emails app enables you to create editable emails via the Perch control panel to be sent when an event is fired by another Perch app.


  • Download the latest version of the Emails App.
  • Unzip the download
  • Place the pipit_emails folder in perch/addons/apps
  • Add pipit_emails to your perch/config/apps.php
  • Create perch/config/pipit_emails_event_handlers.php (see event handlers)


  • Perch or Perch Runway 3.0 or higher
  • PHP 7+
  • Tags field type

Event handlers

An event fired by a Perch app can make some relevant data about the event accessible including an email address (e.g. a customer email address). Since there is no uniform way for events to return these email addresses (if any), it is not possible for Pipit Emails to have built-in support for all events.

This is why you can add your own handlers for as many event as you need in perch/config/pipit_emails_event_handlers.php.

As a minimum, you need to return an empty array:

    return array();

If an app fires an event like so:

$API->event('pipit_emails.test', ['email' => '']);

You would add an element to the array with a key that corresponds to the event name. The value of this element should be a callable function that returns the value of the email address.

    return [
        'pipit_emails.test' => function(PerchSystemEvent $Event) {
            if(isset($Event->subject['email'])) {
                return $Event->subject['email'];

            return false;

Built-in event handlers

None so far. This is an early version of the app.

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