Project templates for creating a blog with Piranha.Core using either MVC or Razor Pages.
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Piranha.Core Blog Template

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This is the standard template for creating a basic blog with Piranha. It is intended to be used with the cross platform .NET CLI tools. The NuGet package is not intended to install into an existing project.

How to install & use the latest version

The templates are under development and are not yet available on NuGet.

The template contains models, controllers and views for:

Blog archive with filtering and paging Post detail with a primary image & markdown body. Regular page with markdown body.

How to contribute

Fork this repo to your GitHub account, clone it locally and try to follow the following simple guidelines.

  • Never write any code in your master branch
  • When writing code, do it in a specific feature branch
  • Send your pull request from that feature branch
  • After your pull request has been accepted, sync the changes into master from the upstream remote
  • Delete you feature branch
  • Again, NEVER write any code in your master branch ;)