Data repository for Pirate Parties around the world
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Pirate Party Info

Build Status

Central repository for basic information about Pirate Parties around the world.

The data is publicly accessible at

Dataset also availabile via Composer:

composer require pirates/papi-info

How to use the information

Raw files

You can access the raw json files in data/.

Organisation logos can be found in logo/.

Compiled json file

All the json files can be compiled into a single file.

php console info:compile

Note: this will output the data to stdout. You can create a file this way:

php console info:compile > all_data.json

Via a class

Install the package via composer. Than use the Compile class.

How to update/contribute information

Anyone can submit a request to change/update the data. This can be done in two ways:

Pull request (prefered)

This is the fastes way. If you are familiar with git & github submit a pull request to this repository. One of the moderators will confirm the data validity of the request and merge the data.

Documentation on data structure can be found here

You can verify data integrity by running:

php console info:verify

Submit an issue (for non-technical users)

Slower, but you may request that one of the administrators makes the change to the dataset for you. Please include the exact data and reasons for the change.

  1. Go to issues page on this repository
  2. Submit a new issue (Green button, "New issue")
  3. Title should mention the party name
  4. Add comment with exact data and reasons for change. Don't forget sources!