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PirateBox Scriptcollection for running in Webserver
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PirateBoxScripts with Modifications for running in a Webserver

Join the chat at © 2012-2014 Matthias Strubel licenced under GPL-3


Sources for Running PirateBox with Webserver lighttpd
Contains: Shoutbox, Forum

PirateBox is a collection of scripts / programs that allows you to use your wireless card as a local network to share files and chat anonymously. For more information please visit


Packages contains only scripts based PirateBox scripts with running lighttpd webserver.

PirateBox scripts can:

  • Setup WLAN Interface via iw
  • Setup hotspot functionality (hostapd)
  • Setup IP Adresses of wlan interface
  • Probing until USB-WLAN is available
  • Can add wlan interface to an existing bridge
  • Sets Up a DHCP Server with redirect to wlan-interface IP
  • Upload landing page (via iframe droopy)
  • Browse Uploaded files
  • Announce "Internet yes" for iOS
  • Announce "Internet yes" for MS devices
  • ShoutBox
  • Optional small python Forum
  • Optional imageboard
  • Optional Station counter
  • Optional Inihibit starting upload-script
  • Optional Timesave script (for devices without RTC) - can be found in piratebox/bin/
  • Optional Poll for WLAN device until it available (for USB wifi cards)

More information can be found on:
Installation-HowTo and current Download-Link:

Is supported by mkPirateBox > v0.5 for OpenWRT Systems and by PirateBox Manager.


PirateBox should be in most common repositories soon, but in the mean time you can use this method:

For alpha testing

Download the development package.

Unzip the package:


Run the installer in the unzipped folder:

cd PirateBoxScripts_Webserver/piratebox
sudo ./ default
#Default can be substituted with 'board' if you want an image board on your PirateBox
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