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OwnTube is your personal video portal based on Django
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Merge pull request #27 from hubx/projekktor.js-1.2.35

Upgraded projekktor.js to V1.2.35 to fix native HTML5 support
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djangotasks @ 20a909b Some changes in tasks for admin coveniance
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LICENSE Update LICENSE Updated README - Now supporting web seeds
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media Added iframe suport and better ffmpeg mp3 ogg encoding


OwnTube is your personal video portal based on Django.


  • Encode Videos using ffmpeg or
  • Now using WebSeeds! Big "thank you" to @hubx
  • Task Managment using djangotasks
  • Uses Projekktor to show videos and play audio
  • Upload files using AJAX
  • Schedule live streaming events with the livestream app
  • Static pages app for, well, static pages


The status could be described as early beta. It is feature complete and we are just deploying it under real world conditions and the code isn't as elegant as it could be.

Requirements & Installation

Read this


Not available, but if you have any issues use the github issue tracker or contact


Yes, please!


BSD 2-clause (See LICENSE file)

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