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An application simulating a mall developped in the agent-oriented language, SARL
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How would a crowd behave when an emergency occurs in a mall ? Find out thanks to MallEscape-AI, a multi-agent simulation built in SARL. 🚀

Getting Started

Soon ! :)


  1. Download the latest release in the releases section.
  2. Launch the .jar file with the command java -jar FILENAME.jar (replace FILENAME with the name of the downloaded jar).
  3. Either click "Start the simulation" to launch the simulation with the default parameters or configure those parameters within the Options menu -> Spawner parameters.
  4. Trigger the evacuation whenever you want within the Options menu -> Trigger bomb

Optional : You can display additionnal graphic elements within the Options menu -> Display options.

(Javadoc available here.)

Built With

  • SARL - General-purpose Agent-Oriented Programming Language
  • Maven - Dependency Management


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

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