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Piston-Tutorials Build Status

This is a repository for examples of Piston projects that have are accompanied by written tutorials explaining core concepts for that tutorial.

Current Tutorials

Getting Started Spinning Square

A "tutorial" with instructions on compiling and running a very simple Piston.

Sudoku (work in progress)

Write a Sudoku game with Piston.

Planned Tutorials

  • graphics
  • piston


  • I get ld: library not found for -lSDL2 error on OSX

  • I get "GL context creation failed" when running an example.

    It's likely your hardware or driver doesn't support PistonWindow's default OpenGl spec. Just change it to something you can support at the beginning of the example. See hello_world.rs for an example.

Making changes to the tutorials

Because most of the tutorials will contain heavy amounts of code, TyOverby developed a markdown pre-processor that takes readme.dev.md files and includes code from the surrounding project. This way you don't need to make a change in the code for the tutorial and then also make the same change in the readme.md file; the preprocessor will do that for you!

In order to run the pre-processor, simply invoke cargo run from the root directory (not the sub-tutorial directory) and it will rebuild all the markdown files that it knows about.

How to contribute