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Rust Image Release Notes

Rust image aims to be a pure-Rust implementation of various popular image formats. Accompanying reading/write support, rust image provides basic imaging processing function. See for further details.

Known issues

  • Interlaced (progressive) or animated images are not well supported.
  • Images with n bit/channel (n ≠ 8) are not well supported.


Version 0.21

  • Updated README to use GenericImageView
  • Removed outdated version number from CHANGES
  • Compiles now with wasm-unknown-emscripten target
  • Restructured ImageDecoder trait
  • Updated README with a more colorful example for the Julia fractal
  • Use Rust 1.24.1 as minimum supported version
  • Support for loading GIF frames one at a time with animation::Frames
  • The TGA decoder now recognizes 32 bpp as RGBA(8)
  • Fixed to_bgra document comment
  • Added release test script
  • Removed unsafe code blocks several places
  • Fixed overlay overflow bug issues with documented proofs

Version 0.20

  • Clippy lint pass
  • Updated num-rational dependency
  • Added BGRA and BGR color types
  • Improved performance of image resizing
  • Improved PBM decoding
  • PNM P4 decoding now returns bits instead of bytes
  • Fixed move of overlapping buffers in BMP decoder
  • Fixed some document comments
  • GenericImage and GenericImageView is now object-safe
  • Moved TIFF code to its own library
  • Fixed README examples
  • Fixed ordering of interpolated parameters in TIFF decode error string
  • Thumbnail now handles upscaling
  • GIF encoding for multiple frames
  • Improved subimages API
  • Cargo fmt fixes

Version 0.19

  • Fixed panic when blending with alpha zero.
  • Made save consistent.
  • Consistent size calculation.
  • Fixed bug in apply_with_alpha.
  • Implemented TGADecoder::read_scanline.
  • Use deprecated attribute for pixels_mut.
  • Fixed bug in JPEG grayscale encoding.
  • Fixed multi image TIFF.
  • PNM encoder.
  • Added #[derive(Hash)] for ColorType.
  • Use num-derive for #[derive(FromPrimitive)].
  • Added into_frames implementation for GIF.
  • Made rayon an optional dependency.
  • Fixed issue where resizing image did not give exact width/height.
  • Improved downscale.
  • Added a way to expose options when saving files.
  • Fixed some compiler warnings.
  • Switched to lzw crate instead of using built-in version.
  • Added ExactSizeIterator implementations to buffer structs.
  • Added resize_to_fill method.
  • DXT encoding support.
  • Applied clippy suggestions.

Version 0.4

  • Various improvements.
  • Additional supported image formats (BMP and ICO).
  • GIF and PNG codec moved into separate crates.

Version 0.3

  • Replace std::old_io with std::io.

Version 0.2

  • Support for interlaced PNG images.
  • Writing support for GIF images (full color and paletted).
  • Color quantizer that converts 32bit images to paletted including the alpha channel.
  • Initial support for reading TGA images.
  • Reading support for TIFF images (packbits and FAX compression not supported).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.1

  • Initial release
  • Basic reading support for png, jpeg, gif, ppm and webp.
  • Basic writing support for png and jpeg.
  • A collection of basic imaging processing function like blur or invert