An executable framework for comparing the performance of Ruby database access libraries
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Ruby Database Benchmark

The goal of this project is to facilitate benchmarking of database access libraries in the Ruby world.


  • Ruby 1.9+
  • Rubygems 1.3.7+
  • R
  • Several gems (see rdbb.gems)
  • PostgreSQL


If you are using RVM (highly recommended), then you can install all needed gems into a distinct gemset via commands such as:

rvm gemset create rdbb
rvm use 1.9.1@rdbb
rvm gemset import rdbb.gems

You may need to adjust the rsruby line with a --with-R-dir option that is more appropriate for your system.


ruby compare.rb --help
ruby compare.rb <DB lib 1> <DB lib 2> <benchable> [benchable...]


ruby compare.rb ActiveRecord RDBI insert_simple

DB Libraries

  • ActiveRecord
  • RDBI

Coming soon:

  • Sequel
  • DataMapper / DataObjects
  • Ruby DBI


  • insert_simple
  • select_simple
  • select_simple_many
  • update_simple


Example 1

Set 1 mean: 0.216 s
Set 1 std dev: 0.023
Set 2 mean: 0.187 s
Set 2 std dev: 0.020
p.value: 0.00287947346770876
W: 88.0
The difference (-13.5%) IS statistically significant.

This means that the results permit us to conclude that the second DB library performs the benchable function 13.5% faster than the first DB library.

Example 2

Set 1 mean: 10.968 s
Set 1 std dev: 4.294
Set 2 mean: 9.036 s
Set 2 std dev: 3.581
p.value: 0.217562623135379
W: 67.0
The difference (-17.6%) IS NOT statistically significant.

This means that the results do not permit us to conclude anything; neither that the first DB library performs faster than the second, nor that the second performs faster than the first, nor even that they perform equivalently.