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This wiki contains information specific to my fork. For general Diaspora information, see the wiki of Diaspora Inc's fork. If you're a developer or a podmin, see the Technical Documentation. There's also this FAQ about my fork, and a List of Pods Running This Code. Infos for Users about Pod-Features are also available.

If you have questions or comments about my fork, you may contact me via Diaspora. My Diaspora ID is "pistos aet diasp0ra.ca" (change " aet " to @).

Features and Fixes

These features and fixes have been developed independently of the main line of Diaspora development.

In Progress


  • Interpod chat


  • Various adjustments to text which improve the user experience, especially for inexperienced users
  • Post preview
  • A link (in edit profile) to view your own profile as it appears to others
  • Get a hint of a post by hovering over its link in the Notification list.
  • The reshare link is always "reshare" or "reshare original"; it doesn't change to "n reshares". The number of reshares is shown elsewhere on the post
  • URLs of third-party URL shorteners are automatically expanded by the server, protecting users from click tracking. Hover to see the destination URL.
  • Plain URLs are visually shortened to just the domain. Hover to see full URL.
  • Some changes for pod neutrality (removal of some joindiaspora-specific things).
  • Comments of ignored users are also hidden.
  • Reshares of ignored users' posts are also hidden.
  • No notifications about ignored users.
  • Federation destination lists: Micropods can designate other pods as destinations for their own local public posts to get federated, thereby increasing reach and engagement.
  • Tag filtering. Filter out posts containing specific hashtags.
  • Soundcloud embedding fixed. (issue 2488)
  • No "show more" when viewing single post.
  • Contact list import.
  • Mark notification unread.
  • Comment preview.
  • Comment on and Like remote public posts (despite lack of contact relationship)
  • Show next few comments (instead of all of them at once)
  • Pod-only post scope
  • Post and comment searching
  • Basic groups
  • Hashtag trending. Lists of the most popular recent hashtags, and new trending hashtags. PostgreSQL only.
  • Post and comment search (own posts).
  • Notification for comment Likes.
  • User-provided custom CSS and Javascript (affects only the user's own experience of Diaspora).
  • Chat (podmates only)

Not Regressed

(things which are not broken in this fork, but were broken elsewhere)

  • Like-ing comments
  • Source indicators (whether a post is being shown because of aspects, followed tags, etc.)
  • Markdown works
  • Classic layout for post pages
  • Internet Explorer compatibility

Under Consideration

  • Hashtag trending for MySQL.
  • Censor (bad) users
  • Partial account import. Phase 1: contact list (DONE). Phase 2: photos. Phase 3: profile
  • Reshare to Facebook
  • Reshare to Twitter
  • Editing posts
  • Editing comments
  • Additional profile fields (e.g. public GPG key)
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Mobile: Notifications page
  • Mobile: distinguish Likes from Comments