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== LinisTrac
LinisTrac is a clean and simple issue tracker, built from the start to be
highly spam-resistant. Linis is a Tagalog word that means "clean".
A demo is running at .
Come chat about LinisTrac and get help in #ramaze or #mathetes.
=== Requirements
- Ramaze: git clone git://
- DBI:
- M4DBI: wget
- AuthAC:
- PostgreSQL
=== Installation
git clone git://
# As a user with sufficient PostgreSQL permissions:
createuser linis
createdb -O linis linis-trac
cd linistrac
cat sql/schema.sql | psql -U linis linis-trac
cat sql/initial-data.sql | psql -U linis linis-trac
=== Usage
cd linistrac
ruby start.rb
Browse to http://localhost:8004
Login with username 'admin', password 'admin'.
Go to Admin section and add your Akismet API key (optional, but strongly recommended).
=== Notes
MySQL support is potentially forthcoming.
=== Feedback and Support
On IRC: ##mathetes or ##ramaze .
Use if you don't have an IRC client.
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