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V8 Hash Collision Generator


This code generates hashes that can be used to test your node.js application against a vulnerabilty to hash collisions attacks. We use the "meet in the middle" method to generate collisions very fast. This video describes how a hash collision attack works


Use it for good, not evil!

1) compile it

gcc -o generateCollisions generateCollisions.c -O3

2) generate hashes

This example generates over 9000 collisions against the hash of "teststr"
./generateCollisions teststr 100000

3) test how effectiv it is

This code shows you how to generate hashes and put them into a JSON string. Me measure the time it needs to parse this JSON string again

./generateCollisions teststr 100000 > collisions.txt
./jsonify.js collisions.txt > json.txt
ls -lh json.txt # before we start, lets check how big the file is that we have generated
time ./testHashes.js json.txt # this will take a very long time
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