A simple but powerful cross-platform BDD test framework
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foounit Project status

A functionally scoped BDD style test framework that runs everywhere.

Key features:

  • Asyncronous test running
  • Out of the box support for multiple javascript host environments: node.js, major browsers, Adobe AIR, The Ruby Racer
  • BDD style test running
  • A simple API

Contrived Example

var MyLib = foounit.require(':src/my_lib');

foounit.add(function (kw){ with(kw){
  describe('when something happens', function (){
    var myLib;
    before(function (){
      myLib = new MyLib();

    it('does something awesome', function (){
      expect(myLib.someFunc()).to(equal, 'foo');

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start for Browser Testing

  1. Create a directory to put your tests
  2. Drop in the example suite
  3. Start a web server
  4. Point your web browser at your server location

Quick Start for Node Testing

  1. TODO

Quick Start for Shared Environment Testing

  1. TODO

Do we run everywhere yet? - NO


  • Firefox
    • Firefox 3.x - YES
    • Firefox 4.x - YES
  • Chrome - YES
  • Safari - YES
  • Internet Explorer
    • IE6 - YES
    • IE7 - YES
    • IE8 - YES
    • IE9 - ?

Comand line

  • Node.js - YES
  • Rhino - NO
  • spidermonkey - ??


  • Adobe AIR - NO
  • The Ruby Racer - NO
  • Webkit Mobile - NO

Known Issues

  • Stack trace reporting in the browser doesn't really help that much.
  • XhrLoadingStrategy is not good enough. We lose stack trace info in the eval.
  • The UI for browser based running is not where I want it to be yet.



Other Alternatives

foounit isn't for you?

There's a lot of great unit testing frameworks for javascript these days. It's more important that people are testing their code than it is that people use foounit.

Some notable alternatives are:

  • jasmine (This is also a rewrite of Screw Unit)
  • shoulda.js (BDD with different syntax)
  • vows (BDD with different syntax)
  • logan (Cross environment unit testing)


  • mde - for providing good ideas
  • peterbraden - for identifying problems with foounit's first iteration
  • nathansobo - for rewriting Screw Unit while I was at Grockit which got me this far
  • Alex Russell and James Burke - for being a sounding board for synchronous loader ideas
  • jasmine for beating me to the punch :) and also providing a better API than I originally had