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Peter 'Pita' Martischka Pita

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Pita commented on issue ether/etherpad-lite#2722

Something that couchdb sends to etherpad lite causes it to crash. That could be anything really. A configuration error or a problem with your versi…

Pita commented on pull request ether/etherpad-lite#2666

Is this work in progress?

Pita commented on pull request ether/etherpad-lite#2721

merged it for you :)

Pita merged pull request ether/etherpad-lite#2721
Complementing #2718 + Fixing empty toolbar when on read-only & menu_left has no button
2 commits with 28 additions and 2 deletions
Pita commented on pull request ether/etherpad-lite#2724

why does it pass the attribute manager?

Pita commented on pull request ether/etherpad-lite#2730

Might be more future proof if you pass it the whole message, no?

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