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This project is now deprecated

Support has been removed for the CMTE, and Material Glass has moved to substratum. See the new repo here.

The last build for CM can be found on AndroidFileHost

Welcome to the open source project for Material Glass!

You are free to take a look at all the content provided in this project, and may use small components for your own themes. However, please be advised that you are NOT allowed to take complete packages from assets or to simply port my commits to your app. I have made this open sourced to give you a project to learn from, not to copy. With that said, I hope that you do benefit from this access, and I strongly encourage other themers to open source their projects as well.

I recommend you fork from the official cm theme template (rather than from here as this shouldn't be a base) and build from there. Check the comprehensive read me, join the google + community, and keep trying!

The UI for Material Glass is made possible by the Paperboard Template by Jahir Fiquitiva. Original source is located here:


The first lollipop theme ever to exist for CyanogenMod; now with layers support as well!




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