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An attempt to read Bryton GPS devices on Linux
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Bryton GPS on linux

This is an attempt to make Bryton GPS devices usable on Linux.

Code for the Rider40 is now available in the code directory.

There is also branches for Rider20, Rider20+, Rider35, Rider310 and Rider50:

It currently has the following functionality:

  • Readonly not write support
  • List track history
  • List track summary
  • Generate GPX (plain and Garmin extension) and TCX files.
  • Upload to
  • Elevation correction using the SRTM Elevation Database.

Use the --help argument to see all the options.

The code is released under the GPL v3 license.

I have only access to a Rider40, but im interested in data from other devices. See for an example how to read the data from you device. It probably works with other devices.

Rider 40:

Data Description for Rider40.


You need Python 2.7.

And if you are using one of Rider20, Rider40, Rider35, you also need the py_sg module. Rider50 and Rider20+ don't need this.

This can be installed with pip or easy_install:

pip install py_sg

To access the device without root access you can use the following udev rule: (Not needed by Rider50 and Rider20+)

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0483", ATTRS{idProduct}=="5720", GROUP="users"

Place this into the file "/etc/udev/rule.d/99-brytongps.rules" you may have to reboot for it to take effect.

Now you can run:

$ python -h
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