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Jinja2 syntax hightlighting for kate
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Pitmairen Improve folding regions with elif/else blocks (#10)
Fixes an issue where the folding regions for elif/else block
was not ended correctly, causing the region to continue to
the end of the document.

Fixes issue #9
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Jinja2 syntax highlighting for kate

Copy the *.xml files into the following folder:


Make sure to restart Kate after you copy the files. You can test if the syntax files are picked up by opening some of the files in the "tests" folder.

If the syntax is not picked up, you can try to copy the files into one of the following folders:


On macOS:

~/Library/Application\ Support/katepart5/syntax/

yaml + Jinja2

You may want to set "kate: space-indent true;" in your Preferences.

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