Map of IP addresses that are blocked in Russia
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Map of IP addresses that are blocked in Russia

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Project for MLH 2018 Moscow Hack.

Implemented with HERE Geo-API, inspired by RosKomSvoboda.

The data is taken from Zapret-Info repository and can be processed in 2 ways:

  • getting it from a particular snapshot of the IP list (faster, but less history is available);
  • cloning the whole repo and iterating through commits (takes time, gives the full history).

Usage (python 3.6 environment)

pip -r install requirements.txt

Snapshot mode

  1. Get the list of blocked IPs, put it into data/dump.csv.

  2. Run:


Complete mode

  1. Clone the whole Zapret-Info repo (default: to ../z-i/).

Inside the Zapret-Info directory, reset it to the first revision:

git reset --hard e784cde5c35ba786b4fa6499e8972c0175beab16
  1. Run:
  1. Wait..




Built by

Madidea Team ( alexeyqu, neganovalexey, paulin-mipt, Pitovsky )