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Latest commit 04cd43c Aug 3, 2016 @mhelleboid mhelleboid new version 0.0.13:
* new trust ssl strategy (issue #1)
* new exception for site redirection error
* begin support for piwigo version 2.8.x (issue #3)
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remotesync-api new version 0.0.13: Aug 3, 2016
remotesync-ui new version 0.0.13: Aug 3, 2016
remotesync new version 0.0.13: Aug 3, 2016 new version 0.0.11: Nov 26, 2015

Piwigo-Java / Piwigo Remote Sync

Piwigo Remote Sync is an uploader for the Piwigo photo gallery software

  • Piwigo-Java is a GitHub project for the Piwigo Remote Sync Java application
  • Piwigo Remote Sync is also a reusable API for the Piwigo photo gallery software
  • Piwigo Remote Sync is available in alpha version


  • A Java jre/jdk (version 6 or greater)
  • A Piwigo working installation (version 2.6 or greater)

Quick start

  1. Download the latest remotesync-ui.jar from
  2. Double click on it (your Operating System should use your default Java installation to execute the application)


  • Is there any documentation available
  • Not yet

  • What does "Sync" means

  • Right, it means "upload". This application will only upload new local images to your remote gallery

  • Is there any link to Piwigo Import Tree ?

  • Yes. As of 0.0.x, we try to offer the same level of functionality. Right now, we use the same cache mechanism (upload each local file once based on it's filename)


Using a shell, start the application with

java -jar /tmp/remotesync-ui.jar -debug


Piwigo-Java / Piwigo Remote Sync is released under the GPL v2 license.