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ddtddt committed Jan 4, 2013
1 parent 58f515a commit 1a59f01
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22 changes: 22 additions & 0 deletions language/kok_IN/common.lang.php
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Expand Up @@ -80,5 +80,27 @@
$lang['month'][7] = "जुलाय";
$lang['month'][8] = "ऑगस्ट";
$lang['month'][9] = "सप्टेंबर";
$lang['Username is mandatory'] = 'वापरप्याचें नांव सक्तीचें आसा';
$lang['Username: %s'] = 'वापरप्याचें नांव: %s';
$lang['View in'] = 'दृश्य करचें';
$lang['View'] = 'दृश्य';
$lang['Visits'] = 'भेटी';
$lang['Visits, high → low'] = 'भेटी, चड → निम्न';
$lang['Visits, low → high'] = 'भेटी, निम्न → चड';
$lang['Website'] = 'वॅबसायट';
$lang['Webmaster'] = 'वॅबमास्टर';
$lang['Week %d'] = 'सप्तक %d';
$lang['Welcome to your Piwigo photo gallery!'] = 'तुमचे Piwigo फोटो गॅलरीक येवकार!';
$lang['Welcome'] = 'येवकार';
$lang['wrong date'] = 'चुकीची तारीख';
$lang['xlarge'] = 'XL – मायझ व्हड';
$lang['xsmall'] = 'XS – मायझ ल्हान';
$lang['xxlarge'] = 'XXL - व्हडलें';
$lang['Yes'] = 'हय';
$lang['You are not authorized to access the requested page'] = 'मागणी केल्ल्या पानांक ऍक्सॅस करूंक तुमकां अधिकार ना';
$lang['You will receive a link to create a new password via email.'] = 'तुमकां ई-मेली वरवीं नवो पासवर्ड निर्माण करूंक एक लिंक मेळटलें.';
$lang['Your comment has been registered'] = 'तुमची टिप्पणीची नोंदणी केल्या';
$lang['Your comment has NOT been registered because it did not pass the validation rules'] = 'तुमची टिप्पणी नोंदणी केल्ली ना कारण ती वैधताय नियमाचो पाळो करिना';
$lang['Your favorites'] = 'तुमचे आवडीचे';


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