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ddtddt committed Oct 7, 2011
1 parent 6558b8c commit 8840705
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Showing 2 changed files with 19 additions and 4 deletions.
17 changes: 17 additions & 0 deletions language/zh_TW/admin.lang.php
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -785,4 +785,21 @@
$lang['Learn more'] = '瞭解更多';
$lang['Rate'] = '評分';
$lang['Average rate'] = '評分';
$lang['Activate icon "new" next to albums and pictures'] = '在相簿及相片旁邊加上"新"的圖示';
$lang['Add a criteria'] = '新增標準';
$lang['Deactivate all'] = '取消全部';
$lang['Default photos order'] = '預設的相片順序';
$lang['Restore'] = '復原';
$lang['Restore default configuration. You will lose your plugin settings!'] = '復原至預設設定。你將失去你在套件上的設定!';
$lang['Show menubar'] = '顯示選單列';
$lang['You can\'t define a default photo order because you have a custom setting in your local configuration.'] = '無法使用預設相片順序,因你在本地端已另有設定。';
$lang['You have specified <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> in your local configuration file, this parameter in deprecated, please remove it or rename it into <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> !'] = '你已在本地設定檔選用 <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i>,造成參數矛盾,請將它移除或重新命名為 <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i>!';
$lang['Regenerate Thumbnails'] = '重新製作小圖';
$lang['Regenerate Websize Photos'] = '重新製作適用於網頁瀏覽的圖片';
$lang['Thumbnails generation in progress...'] = '小圖製作中...';
$lang['Photos generation in progress...'] = '圖片製作中...';
$lang['%s thumbnails have been regenerated'] = '小圖製作完成';
$lang['%s thumbnails can not be regenerated'] = '無法製作小圖';
$lang['%s photos have been regenerated'] = '%s圖片製作完成';
$lang['%s photos can not be regenerated'] = '無法製作%s圖片';
6 changes: 2 additions & 4 deletions language/zh_TW/install.lang.php
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -28,13 +28,10 @@
$lang['Admin configuration'] = '管理員帳戶設置';
$lang['Start Install'] = '開始安裝';
$lang['mail address must be like xxx@yyy.eee (example :'] = '郵箱地址格式 xxx@yyy.eee (例 :';

$lang['Webmaster login'] = '管理員';
$lang['It will be shown to the visitors. It is necessary for website administration'] = '所有用戶都能看到此帳戶。必須提供此帳戶來管理網站';

$lang['Connection to server succeed, but it was impossible to connect to database'] = '服務器連接正常,但是無法連接到數據庫';
$lang['Can\'t connect to server'] = '無法連接到服務器';

$lang['Host'] = 'MySQL主機地址';
$lang['localhost,,'] = 'localhost,,';
$lang['User'] = '用戶';
Expand All @@ -55,7 +52,6 @@
$lang['Need help ? Ask your question on <a href="%s">Piwigo message board</a>.'] = '需要幫助? 請到<a href="%s">Piwigo論壇</a>提出你的問題.';
$lang['Webmaster mail address'] = '管理員Email地址';
$lang['Visitors will be able to contact site administrator with this mail'] = '遊客通過此Email跟你聯繫';

$lang['PHP 5 is required'] = '必須PHP 5版本';
$lang['It appears your webhost is currently running PHP %s.'] = '你主機PHP版本好像是PHP %s.';
$lang['Piwigo may try to switch your configuration to PHP 5 by creating or modifying a .htaccess file.'] = 'Piwigo試著創建或修改.htaccess文件來轉換到PHP 5。';
Expand All @@ -70,4 +66,6 @@
$lang['Creation of config file local/config/ failed.'] = '創建 local/config/ 文件失敗.';
$lang['Download the config file'] = '下載配置文件';
$lang['You can download the config file and upload it to local/config directory of your installation.'] = '您可以下載配置文件,然後上傳到 local/config 目錄以完成您的安裝.';
$lang['Just another Piwigo gallery'] = '另一本Piwigo相片集';
$lang['Welcome to my photo gallery'] = '歡迎進入我的相片集';

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