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[trunk] - update language Konkani - कोंकणी - kok_IN - Thanks to Seby …
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ddtddt committed Jan 16, 2013
1 parent 2bf0b67 commit abf2595
Showing 1 changed file with 22 additions and 0 deletions.
22 changes: 22 additions & 0 deletions language/kok_IN/common.lang.php
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -102,5 +102,27 @@
$lang['Your comment has been registered'] = 'तुमची टिप्पणीची नोंदणी केल्या';
$lang['Your comment has NOT been registered because it did not pass the validation rules'] = 'तुमची टिप्पणी नोंदणी केल्ली ना कारण ती वैधताय नियमाचो पाळो करिना';
$lang['Your favorites'] = 'तुमचे आवडीचे';
$lang['Repeat the slideshow'] = 'स्लायडशो परत दाखोवचो';
$lang['representative'] = 'आल्बम थंबनेल';
$lang['Requested album does not exist'] = 'मागणी केल्लो आल्बम अस्तित्वांत ना';
$lang['Requested tag does not exist'] = 'मागणी केल्लो टॅग अस्तित्वांत ना';
$lang['Reset to default values'] = 'डिफॉल्ट मोलाचेर परत सॅट करचें';
$lang['Reset'] = 'परत सॅट करचें';
$lang['Retrieve password'] = 'पासवर्ड परत मेळोवचो';
$lang['Return to home page'] = 'मुखेल पानाचेर परतुचें';
$lang['return to normal view mode'] = 'सामान्य दृश्य मोडाचेर परतुचें';
$lang['return to the display of all photos'] = 'सगळ्या फोट्याच्या प्रदर्शनाचेर परतुचें';
$lang['Search by date'] = 'तारखे प्रमाणें सोदचें';
$lang['Search for all terms'] = 'सगळ्या शब्दांक सोदचे';
$lang['Search for any term'] = 'खंयच्याय शब्दाक सोदचो';
$lang['Search for Author'] = 'लेखकाक सोदचो';
$lang['Search for words'] = 'उतरां सोदचीं';
$lang['Search in albums'] = 'आल्बमांनी सोदचें';
$lang['Search in sub-albums'] = 'उप-आल्बमांनी सोदचें';
$lang['Search results'] = 'सोद निकाल';
$lang['Search rules'] = 'सोद निकश';
$lang['Search tags'] = 'सोदपाचे टॅग्स';
$lang['Search'] = 'सोद';
$lang['search'] = 'सोद';


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