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[trunk] - language - update TW Thanks to chouyh - feature:2320
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ddtddt committed Sep 27, 2011
1 parent fedd176 commit b172e69
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26 changes: 26 additions & 0 deletions language/zh_TW/common.lang.php
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Expand Up @@ -348,4 +348,30 @@
$lang['validate this comment'] = '審核此評論';
$lang['Sent by'] = '發送人';
$lang['html tags are not allowed in login'] = 'login內不允許有html標籤';
$lang['%d rates'] = '%d 評價';
$lang['Rating score'] = '評價得分';
$lang['The number of photos per page must be a not null scalar'] = '每頁的照片的數量不能為零';
$lang['Number of photos per page'] = '每頁的照片數量';
$lang['Enter a username or email address'] = '輸入您的用戶名稱或電子郵件';
$lang['Invalid username or email'] = '無效的用戶名稱或電子郵件';
$lang['Password reset is not allowed for this user'] = '不允許此用戶密碼重置';
$lang['User "%s" has no email address, password reset is not possible']= '查無用戶“%”之電子郵件地址,無法重置密碼';
$lang['Someone requested that the password be reset for the following user account:'] = '有人要求重置以下用戶的密碼:';
$lang['Username "%s" on gallery %s'] = '%s 畫廊中的“%S”用戶 ';
$lang['To reset your password, visit the following address:'] = '要重置密碼,請至以下網址:';
$lang['If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen.'] = '如果這是個錯誤或您並未要求重置密碼,請忽略此電子郵件,您的帳戶將不會作任何更改';
$lang['Password Reset'] = '重設密碼';
$lang['Check your email for the confirmation link'] = '檢查您的電子郵件並前往確認連結 ';
$lang['Invalid key'] = '鍵入字元無效';
$lang['The passwords do not match'] = '密碼不符';
$lang['Your password has been reset'] = '您的密碼已經重設';
$lang['Return to home page'] = '返回首頁';
$lang['Please enter your username or email address.'] = '請輸入您的用戶名或電子郵件';
$lang['You will receive a link to create a new password via email.'] ='您將收到電子郵件,裡面有用來建立新密碼的連結';
$lang['Username or email'] = '用戶名稱或電子郵件';
$lang['Change my password'] = '更改我的密碼';
$lang['Enter your new password below.'] = '在下方輸入您的新密碼';
$lang['Reset Password'] = '重設密碼';
$lang['EXIF Metadata'] = 'EXIF 元數據';
$lang['IPTC Metadata'] = 'IPTC 元數據';

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