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ddtddt committed Sep 15, 2011
1 parent f5e605c commit d3eabda
Showing 1 changed file with 24 additions and 0 deletions.
24 changes: 24 additions & 0 deletions language/et_EE/common.lang.php
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Expand Up @@ -213,5 +213,29 @@
$lang['display your favorites photos'] = 'kuva oma lemmikfotod';
$lang['Favorites'] = 'Lemmikud';
$lang['First'] = 'Esimene';
$lang['The gallery is locked for maintenance. Please, come back later.'] = 'Galerii on hoolduse ajaks lukustatud. Palun proovi natukese aja pärast uuesti.';
$lang['Page generated in'] = 'Leht genereeritud';
$lang['guest'] = 'külaline';
$lang['Hello'] = 'Tere';
$lang['available for administrators only'] = 'saadaval vaid administraatoritele';
$lang['display this album'] = 'kuva see album';
$lang['display last user comments'] = 'kuva viimased kasutajate kommentaarid';
$lang['customize the appareance of the gallery'] = 'kohanda galerii välimust';
$lang['search'] = 'otsi';
$lang['Home'] = 'Avaleht';
$lang['in this album'] = 'selles albumis';
$lang['in %d sub-album'] = '%d alamalbumis';
$lang['in %d sub-albums'] = '%d alamalbumites';
$lang['included'] = 'kaasa arvatud';
$lang['Invalid password!'] = 'Vigane salasõna!';
$lang['Language'] = 'Keel';
$lang['last %d days'] = 'viimased %d päeva';
$lang['Last'] = 'Viimane';
$lang['Logout'] = 'Logi välja';
$lang['E-mail address'] = 'E-posti aadress';
$lang['obligatory'] = 'kohustuslik';


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