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merge r31167 from branch 2.7 to trunk

bug 3223 fixed: make sure we have found a user before validating the connection

git-svn-id: 68402e56-0260-453c-a942-63ccdbb3a9ee
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plegall committed May 15, 2015
1 parent a1b9956 commit e520cf83894e8a41aa4c9748b8b37f5e61265265
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@@ -1116,7 +1116,7 @@ function pwg_login($success, $username, $password, $remember_me)
WHERE '.$conf['user_fields']['username'].' = \''.pwg_db_real_escape_string($username).'\'
$row = pwg_db_fetch_assoc(pwg_query($query));
if ($conf['password_verify']($password, $row['password'], $row['id']))
if (isset($row['id']) and $conf['password_verify']($password, $row['password'], $row['id']))
log_user($row['id'], $remember_me);
trigger_notify('login_success', stripslashes($username));

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