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[en] add testimonial from Thomas S (USA)

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plegall committed Nov 6, 2018
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$testimonials = array(
'language' => 'en',
'added_on' => '2018-11-06',
'user' => array(
'username' => 'Thomas Sweeney',
'country' => ' Maryland, USA',
'type' => 'Individual',
'picture' => 'images/testimonies/Man-16.svg',
'content' => '
I\'ve been using Piwigo for almost 4 years. After gathering our families photos, and figuring out there was not an easy way to sort them on just one computer, I knew there had to be an easier solution. We could have spent 10$/mo on some online storage to sort them (google photos), but with our videos, I would blow right through that.
After trying a few other \'self hosted\' options, I found Piwigo. The best part is that is was open source, and well made. I tend to want things done a certain way, and of course my way, is the best way. My setup was to run Piwigo on my FreeNAS box in a jail (FreeBSD). My wife and my phone upload to my FreeNAS box, and Piwigo see\'s the image when I \'synchronize\'. The way I import my photos is a backend way, but since Piwigo was made with dynamic changes in mind it still works.
I send 10$ to Piwigo every half year to year, as if it wasn\'t here, there would not be anything else I would use.
I hope more people come to Piwigo, as I think I have saved a bunch of money using it, and the family (and extended family) like it to see our pictures.
'language' => 'en',
'added_on' => '2018-04-13',

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