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Refactor FCP XML adapter - add generator and effect support (#494)

* initial refactor of FCPXML adapter import
* Added generator and effect parsing to FCP XML Adapter
* Updated FCP XML adapter export code to work with reader updates, support generators and effects, and roundtrip fcp_xml metadata dicts
* fcp xml adapter now populates available range on missing references when duration is available.
* Fixed issue where rate would be double added to some items, and make it into the metadata dict
* Make fcp xml link elements a one-way trip
* FCP XML preserves timeline name under sequence element rather than the tracks stack name. fixes #485
* FCP XML properly generates dropframe or non-dropframe timecode values based on metadata
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reinecke authored and ssteinbach committed May 8, 2019
1 parent c35f6a1 commit a48bdcefb2a51ee09c8c5e8fa68a285275995278
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