Use Cases

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OpenTimelineIO is designed for use in visual effects and feature animation studios. Here are some specific use cases that illustrate how OTIO is meant to be used. These use cases will also help to direct future development of new features in OTIO.

  1. Shots Added/Removed from the Cut
  2. Animation Shot Frame Ranges Changed
  3. Conform New Renders into the Cut (done)

If you have use cases that you would like OTIO to address, please add them here.

Other example use cases:

  • I have a timeline in Adobe Premiere, and I want to bring that cut into my in-house animation system.
  • I have a timeline in Avid Media Composer, and my Producer wants to know a full list of the media I'm using.
  • I am about to render a bunch of shots & I want to make sure my frame ranges match what Editorial is asking for (not too long or too short).
  • The Editor just added some cross dissolves and I need to know how many more frames (at head or tail) of which shots need to be rendered.
  • Legal needs a list of all the audio we're using (music, effects, dialogue) in the current cut.
  • TDs/Animators want to get a cut from Editorial for reference, and then splice their updated renders/recordings into that cut.
  • Editorial is working with proxy media (QuickTime, MXF, etc.) and I want to gather all the EXRs that correspond with that & bring those into Nuke.
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