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Pixel Experience

Official devices application

Devices repository: PixelExperience-Devices

Before you apply to add your device into our list of official devices, you should know a few things:

1. How to apply?

You must fulfill the following requirements before applying:

You must be aware that just fulfilling those requirements doesn't mean that you're going to be accept. We will also consider some other points if necessary, like experience or how's your behavior with other people (users or not) and even with some technical stuff.

2. Hosting

Our files are hosted on our FTP server, you will receive the credentials when you join the team.

3. Changelog

For each new version, you need to upload the changelog to this repository in the device specific folder.

The changelog file name must match the .zip file name and should end with .txt

Eg: .zip is, changelog file name should be PixelExperience_potter-8.1.0-20180207-0418-OFFICIAL.txt

Maintainers should always try to write a user understable changelog.

4. Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Our system is automatic, you should not worry about updating some script, just upload the new build to the FTP server and send a pull request with the changelog and also edit your device JSON file (builds/your_device_codename.json) in this repository.

Eg: Moto G 2013 is called falcon, so the device JSON file is builds/falcon.json

Note: New builds can take up to 30 minutes to appear on the site and in the OTA application.

5. JSON params

Param Description Required
name Device name Yes
brand Device manufacturer Yes
codename Device codename, eg: falcon Yes
version_code Version code, lowercase, eg: pie Yes
version_name Version name, will be shown on download portal, eg: Pie Yes
maintainer_name Your name Yes
maintainer_url Your personal URL, eg: or No
xda_thread XDA thread URL, eg: No
Param Description Required
file_name Build file (.zip) name Yes
file_size Build file (.zip) size (in bytes) Yes
md5 Build file (.zip) md5 hash Yes

If you agree with everything, please fill this form

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