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PixelFinance Intro

PixelFinance is a DeFi protocol that runs on the Binance Smart Chain and allows users to earn their own currency, $PXF, by taking advantage of the many features PixelFinance offers.

{% hint style="info" %} PixelFinance allows you to get the most out of crypto by using the following three services.

PixelSwap, PixelLand and PixelLimited {% endhint %}


A distributed exchange within PixelFinance that enables users to acquire crypto at high interest rates.


The easiest way to get tokens in PixelSwap is to use Pools. Staking PXF allows users to earn more free tokens over time.


You can get PXF with high APR by staking LP tokens to PixelSwap's Farms. Providing liquidity can be subject to permanent risk. You must understand ImpermanentLoss to retain.


By playing the Lottery at PixelSwap, you will have a chance to win a big payout. It's easy to join, all you have to do is to buy a ticket with PXF. Read more****


An NFT platform within PixelFinance that allows users to leverage NFT as a financial asset as well as collections.

Single Pools

The Staking Pool can earn PixelFinanceTokens by taking a portion of the amount of blind boxes purchased by the user and betting the NFT received. It's very simple. You need to burn NFT to get PixelFinanceToken, which are paid out in real time.

Fusion Pools

Fusion Pool allows users to earn real-time payouts by betting on a combination of NFTs in PixelLand. A portion of the blind box amount purchased by the user goes into the Fusion Pool. Unlike the Staking Pool, you don't need to burn NFTs to win BNBs.

Market Place

MarketPlace is a P2P trading platform for NFTs in PixelLand. Users can trade NFTs whenever they want, and you may want to check it out, as there may be some characters you need for Fusion on display.


It's a lottery-style matching platform within PixelFinance that allows users to earn rewards by buying and selling.

Card Application

PixelLimited is a lottery-style matching platform where users can earn rewards by selling or buying cards with other users.

Users who participate in the lottery can reserve cards and check the winning result of the card at the designated time. Winning users will purchase the cards and will be rewarded based on a set interest rate.

There is also a jackpot system in which the accumulated fees are distributed to the last holder who wins the card that reaches the final value.

Cards that have reached their final value can also be transferred to PixelLand.

Please check the intro for each service for product information.


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