Nexus overload is my JS13K entry for 2016
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JS13K - Nexus overload

Game entry for the JS13K Game challenge

Nexus overload

Nexus overload is a survival top down shooter. The player plays as a data-packet stuck in a looped network. As the player moves deeper through the network he unlocks upgrades that helps him to survive longer and go deeper. The aim of the game is to go as far as possible.

The theme was glitch and I decided to go a bit more thematic. The player ‘glitches’ himself with upgrades. This is reinforced visually, as he upgrades he becomes unstable – visually. The background also becomes more and more unstable as the player moves deeper into the network.


The player moves with WASD, aims with the mouse and shoots with left click. ESC will pause the game, and will return to the main menu when not in the game window.


#Screenshots# Nexus overload Game Play 1 Nexus overload Game Play 2 Nexus overload Game Play 3 Nexus overload Map 1 Nexus overload Map 2 Nexus overload Map 3 Nexus overload Upgrade 1 Nexus overload Upgrade 2 Nexus overload End screen