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README of trueColor3D

What for do we need trueColor3D ?

I made this project to help stereo videographers as well as mobile 3D consumers to convert so called frame compatible video clips (ie. for TV sets and on Youtube) to different video layouts that can be also viewed on mobile devices. With legacy 3D videos you need color distorting anaglyph glasses and a browser supporting FLASH or even an expensive, full blown NVidia 3DVision set. With the outputs of trueColor3D, you can watch 3D undistorted, in full color and on mobile and NON-3D-LCD devices. On iPad, iPhone, other tablets and smartphones, any Laptop and normal 2D-LCD screen. Find more about various options on and

Framework and other dependencies

To make and improve this code you need the Nokia founded framework Qt and QtCreator ( I tested it on Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 64bit as well as on OSX 10.6(32)/10.7(64). To run the resulting shell/Batch scripts, you will also have ffmpeg installed (

If you want to run trueColor3D and ffmpeg with the Windows-only AviSynth extension you need extra install.

For both 32 and 64 bit download and install this:

For a 64bit system, please download the 64bit version from here and then install 32bit first (for PATH and folders) and follow the readme of the above RAR to pimp your system to 64bit.

64bit MaskTools DLL:

You can download ffmpeg for Windows from here:

Binary downloads