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## Framework and other dependencies
To make and improve this code you need the Nokia founded framework Qt and QtCreator (
-I tested it on Windows Vista 32bit as well as on OSX 10.6(32)/10.7(64).
+I tested it on Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 64bit as well as on OSX 10.6(32)/10.7(64).
To run the resulting shell/Batch scripts, you will also have ffmpeg installed (
+If you want to run trueColor3D and ffmpeg with the Windows-only AviSynth extension you need extra install.
+For both 32 and 64 bit download and install this:
+For a 64bit system, please download the 64bit version from here
+and then install 32bit first (for PATH and folders) and follow the readme of the above RAR to pimp your system to 64bit.
+64bit MaskTools DLL:
+You can download ffmpeg for Windows from here:

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