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A NME game framework
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Spur (Beta)

Spur is a framework for developing games with NME. The framework uses a compontent based entity system which increases flexibilty when creating objects in the game world. Unlike other frameworks that use a compontent based entity system, Spur takes an outboard approach which seperates the data into the components and the functions into the subsystems.

How to get started

To test the examples, edit the application.nmml file and change the main and package directories to reflect where the example is located.


  • Fixed time step Box2D integration
  • Uses drawTiles for fast rendering on mobiles
  • Basic logging functions with console output
  • Audio manager
  • Touch manager
  • State manager
  • Works with Joshua Granick's spritesheet library

Upcoming features:

  • Prebuilt camera subsystem
  • Screen transistions
  • Splash screen integration
  • Console commands

Current issues/notes with beta

  • Portrait mode not fully developed
  • Package structure may change
  • Exporting for Flash is not optimised.
  • Handling different screen DPIs needs improvement
  • SpriteLoq is currently required for using spritesheets


Spur is released under the MIT license. Please note that Joshua Granick's SpriteSheet and Motion library, Erin Catto's Box2D library, and TouchMyPixel's HXS library belong to their respective owner and are not a part of Spur. See their individual licenses for details.

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