Implementation of the Minuit protocol (osc query like) into a python module for modul8
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Minuit v2.1.m8m


This is a module for Modul8 Video software

Its implements the Minuit protoco and has been designed and tested with i-score software.
First discover is quite long (a few minutes), so please use the template for i-score : modul8-template.jsonscore. This is an empty project, but with the full namespace already fillin


  • Copy the Minuit Module in your /Applications/Modul8/Modules folder
  • Run Modul8 and active OSC input and OSC output in Modul8/Preferences, and set 9998 as input Port and 13579 as output ports.
  • Download i-score and open the Modul8 Template for i-score
  • That's it. More info about i-score on its website.

more info about i-score website
more info about Minuit protocol


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