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Pixel Vision 8 v1.0.18 Release

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@github-actions github-actions released this 08 Aug 18:32

This is an experimental build of a new renderer and APIs. A lot of tools are broken, changes are not documented, and there is a new version of the core engine called PV8 Lite that is intended for developers looking to build games in pure C# as close to the metal as possible with no extra dependencies.

This is an early preview of the new renderer. The most significant change is that the mask color is now 0 instead of -1. I've tried to make this change as transparent as possible, but there are some big changes to selecting colors and some of the APIs that use colors. I'll have to document it, but long story short, color 0 is the default mask. That means whatever color is set to color 0, it will be transparent. The sprite parser will automatically add the mask color, so you don't need it in the colors.png file. With the exception of setting colors, it will basically work like before.

One final note, I am still trying to update the Paint Tool, so it may not work as expected or crash. I'll get it working correctly for the next release.

You have been warned!

You'll be able to download a preview build of Pixel Vision 8 for Windows, Mac, and Linux below. This project is continually updated, and automated builds are made available to allow users to preview new features, bug fixes, and optimizations to the underlying codebase. Please make sure to backup your Workspace before running this or any new build of Pixel Vision 8.

Due to how large and complex the codebase is, these incremental builds help reduce the time between releases and allow the collection developer feedback. Here is a list of the most recent changes:


In addition, you can see the current open issues here or use one of the following links to submit a new bug, feature or question. To learn more about Pixel Vision 8, check out the documentation, explore the examples, join the Discord server, and visit the main website.