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YGOPro script engine.


The core logic and lua script processor of YGOPro. This library can be made external of the project and used to power server technologies. It maintains a state engine that is manipulated by Lua scripts using manipulation functions it exposes.


1.) Download Fluorohydride/ygopro

Start by downloading the most parent of the source code. The team developing this project are the defacto edge and experts in our community. The most upto date ocgcore is a compiled dll version of the Fluorohydride/ygopro/ocgcore folders project.

2.) Install Premake4 and Visual Studio 2010 (or later).

Download premake4.exe, put it in c:\windows or a similar folder that is globally accessible via cmd or PowerShell. Install Visual Studio 2010, it is the system used for the guide because other parts of the project use C# and most the development team are Windows users.

3.) Download dependencies

Dependencies are absent from the main project. There is information on how to build them but the easiest thing to do is to download the following folders from a soarqin/ygopro fork and simply copy them into the Fluorohydride/ygopro folder.

  • event
  • freetype
  • irrlicht
  • lua
  • sqlite3

4.) Create the project files

Run the following commands from the command line in the Fluorohydride/ygopro folder.

premake4 /help premake4 vs2010

If you are not using Visual Studio 2010 or higher, make the needed adjustments. In the file system open Fluorohydride/ygopro/build folder open the ygo project.

5.) Build the system

Make sure the code actually compiles. Compile them in the following order one by one:

  • lua
  • sqlite3
  • ocgcore

This should provide you with ocgcore.lib in the build output folder. YGOCore requires a *.dll; in ocgcore project properties change it to a dynamically linked library. Recompile, it should fail with an error indicating missing dependencies. Right click the project, add an existing file. Add lua.lib from the build folder to the project. It should now compile.

Exposed Functions

These three function need to be provided to the core so it can get card and database information.

  • void set_script_reader(script_reader f); : Interface provided returns scripts based on number that corresponds to a lua file, send in a string.

  • void set_card_reader(card_reader f); : Interface provided function that provides database information from the data table of cards.cdb.

  • void set_message_handler(message_handler f); : Interface provided function that handles errors

These functions create the game itself and then manipulate it.

  • ptr create_duel(uint32 seed); : Create a the instance of the duel using a random number.
  • void start_duel(ptr pduel, int32 options); : Starts the duel
  • void end_duel(ptr pduel); : ends the duel
  • void set_player_info(ptr pduel, int32 playerid, int32 lp, int32 startcount, int32 drawcount); sets the duel up
  • void get_log_message(ptr pduel, byte* buf);
  • int32 get_message(ptr pduel, byte* buf);
  • int32 process(ptr pduel); : do a game tick
  • void new_card(ptr pduel, uint32 code, uint8 owner, uint8 playerid, uint8 location, uint8 sequence, uint8 position); : add a card to the duel state.
  • void new_tag_card(ptr pduel, uint32 code, uint8 owner, uint8 location); : add a new card to the tag pool.
  • int32 query_card(ptr pduel, uint8 playerid, uint8 location, uint8 sequence, int32 query_flag, byte* buf, int32 use_cache); : find out about a card in a specific spot.
  • int32 query_field_count(ptr pduel, uint8 playerid, uint8 location); : Get the number of cards in a specific field/zone.
  • int32 query_field_card(ptr pduel, uint8 playerid, uint8 location, int32 query_flag, byte* buf, int32 use_cache);
  • int32 query_field_info(ptr pduel, byte* buf);
  • void set_responsei(ptr pduel, int32 value);
  • void set_responseb(ptr pduel, byte* buf);
  • int32 preload_script(ptr pduel, char* script, int32 len);

Lua functions



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