Repository of the PlayerSupport plugin.
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PlayerSupport Build Status

Repository of the PlayerSupport plugin.


For /sup you can alternatively use /support or /playersupport

  • /sup - Sends a helprequest as a player, and lists helprequests as a supporter.
  • /sup player <player> - Accepts a helprequest and starts the private chat.
  • /sup add <player> - Adds a player to the list of supporters.
  • /sup remove <player> - Removes a player from the list of supporters.
  • /sup deny <player> - Denies a player to use /sup.
  • /sup allow <player> - Allows a denied player to use /sup.
  • /sup info - Shows information about PlayerSupport.
  • /sup help - Shows a list of commands.
  • /sup reload - Reloads the config.yml.


  • playersupport.* - Access to all features.
  • - Allows you to request help.
  • playersupport.supplayer - Allows you to support players.
  • - Allows you to see the plugin info.
  • - Allows you to see the help page.
  • playersupport.reload - Allows you to reload the config file.
  • playersupport.list - Allows you to see the helprequests.
  • playersupport.addsup - Allows you to add supporters.
  • playersupport.removesup - Allows you to remove supporters.
  • playersupport.denyplayer - Allows you to deny players to use /sup.
  • playersupport.allowplayer - Allows you to allow players to use /sup.
  • playersupport.updatemsg - Allows you to see the update message upon joining.



Status for v1.1

  • Command (/sup removereq <player>) to remove requests.
  • Make suggestions.


This project is licensed under GPLv3.