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Cisco & Warpcom

Smart Campus

Smart Campus


Every day new innovations are released in the technology world. In our schools and universities, we are learning all these fancy new discoveries, but we do it with outdated technologies. What if we told you that changing this is in your hands?

Take Wi-Fi for instance, what if you could check which study room has an empty sit just for you? And if the school library or bar could advertise special events when you're passing by? You wouldn't lose a happy hour anymore!

Imagine if you could rewind the class and Ctrl-F what you're looking for. And how would your school campus experience be enhanced if you could see the professor notes anywhere, in real time, and in any device?

If you could, what would you change on your school campus experience? Warpdev and Cisco DevNet are committed to supporting you in this path. Discover all the APIs around Wi-Fi and collaboration solutions and develop with the interactive boards and the Wi-Fi access points that we've brought to Pixels!


The challenge is open and straightforward. Spread your magic and develop using Cisco APIs, powered by Warpcom, to solve a problem related to your school or university, and you're in (just to make it clear, you're very welcomed to use our resources even if your project it is not related to education).

If what you're missing for your project is related to real-time or historical data on device location (remember that inside buildings GPS doesn't work) you should take advantage of the Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure.

To help you we've got access points around the venue, controlled by a Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) controller, that you may use to collect data about the Wi-Fi usage to build a dashboard, services or whatever comes to your mind.

Cisco CMX provides a powerful API! To ensure you take the most out of it, we've created a page with information and learning resources. Check it here.

If you need to embed chat, video or other collaboration features remember that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel! Cisco Webex Teams is an app for continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and whiteboarding (tip: you'll spot two of these in the venue).

You can use Teams' APIs to build Bots and Integrations or the SDKs to integrate Webex directly in your applications. Once again, to fast track your learning experience we've created this page.


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