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“Bandersnatch” on steroids!

“Bandersnatch” on steroids!


Inspired on Bandersnatch movie experience (from netflix) the goal is to playout video based on user/viewer decisions. However the path or script can be created dynamically and on the fly (the steroids part)


How it works? Well this is a big challenge to be addressed at once, there are several levels that can be explored from video stuff to application layer. You can go through: Metadata creation based on video inspection/index by frame processing and take all the metadata related with that clip or video sample (we can provide video samples) Based on that metadata extracted above, create metadata relations/links From metadata model (relations created above), create a script dynamically that links several video samples/clips and takes in account questions/suggestions/interactions asked to the user (similar to Bandersnatch: simple question with 2 options answer) Create a app that playout the video integrated in a UI that interacts with the user and perform the video transitions (smoothly via preload for instance)

A participation can address all the topics above or some of them trying to simulate (or mock up) dependencies.

Use case scenario: A video sample with a character (person) drinking something. Question to the viewer: water or beer? If beer was chosen a video related with beer (via metadata extracted) starts playing…