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Containers 101


It's 2019 and you are using containers for everything. But do you know how do they work? What special sauce in the Linux kernel made them possible? Is there life beyond Docker?

In this talk, we will go back to the basics and learn a bit about the different container runtime projects that existed throughout the time and the ones that people use nowadays. Explore the differences between the traditional Virtual Machines and containers, between system containers and application containers, etc...

We will also explore the basic building blocks of containers, namely, Linux namespaces, chroot and cgroups. Finally, we will take it all to practice by exploring how much can we achieve using only what Linux gives us out of the box.

Speaker Bio

Pedro Magalhães

Pedro Magalhães

Programming since a very young age, Pedro loves what he does. He actively contributes to open-source projects (mainly for PHP core) and is constantly trying to learn more. After living a few years abroad, he is now based in Portugal but working remotely for a Dutch company.


Extra Information

I have given a workshop with a similar base to this talk in Portuguese for the Ubuntu PT group - I have also spoken about the subject (from a PHP perspective) to the phplx group -

In the meanwhile I have kept exploring the subject and have even more to share about it. I think this would be a great opportunity to do so.

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