Hotel account and reservation system. In progress.
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This program is an in-progress hotel reservation system. It allows for the creation of guests and reservations, assigning rooms and guests to individual reservations, editing, and account management.

Link to demo video on youtube.

A video displaying functionality is available at:

  • Video Timestamp Key:
  • 0:00 Account creation
  • 1:26 Place a reservation
  • 3:20 Admin control panel demonstration
  • 6:51 Responsive design across multiple breakpoints for small phones, tablets, desktops, and large screen desktops.

Please note that this is primarily a functionality demo and I'll be fleshing out the design more soon.

Current Functionality

Account Management

  • Create new user: User or Admin created account
  • Login/ Logout out of accounts.
  • Edit user profile information: Available to users after login, or admins from the Admin Control Panel.
  • Delete user: Available to Admin from Admin Control Panel.
  • Assign roles (member / admin) to accounts.
  • Search from within Admin Control Panel. Display all users, Search by last name, search by User Id, search by reservation number.


  • Search for available rooms by date range using dual JavaScript calendars.
  • Select room or rooms to reserve and add to reservation.
  • Persist reservation and related data to various database tables (see below).
  • Reservation is assigned to User. User created reservations are assigned to that user. Admin created reservations are assigned to selected guest Id.
  • Rooms are made unavailable for those dates.
  • User or Admin has ability to cancel reservations. Canceled reservations return rooms to available status for those dates.

Backend To-Dos:

  • Add Associate Role – mid-level restricted permission role for general employees.
  • Add ability for user to view a placed reservation.
  • Add Associate and Admin notes fields attached to individual users. (Ex: Likes extra towels.)
  • Add user email.
  • Add password confirmation field during sign-up.
  • Add reset password functionality.
  • Allow users to delete their own account.
  • Allow for cancelation of part of a reservation (ex: 1 room of a 3 room reservation)
  • Finish Admin Control Panel – Create New User (Done), Search for Reservation (Done), Add Reservation (Done),
  • Format phone numbers throughout based on user’s country of residence
  • Add more validation and try-catch throughout.
  • Figure out why custom MVC annotation validation isn’t working in partial-view.
  • Create drop-down in Admin Control Panel for Reservation Placed type (Online, Phone, Front Desk, Travel Agent) and status (confirmed, canceled, completed, in progress).
  • Allow user to reserve multiple rooms with more than one date range per reservation.
  • Implement tables not yet implemented.

Frontend To-Dos:

  • Design large size homepage
  • Think about Ajaxifying the login-dropdown.
  • Add special notifications to large size pages. Sidebar? Drop-in?
  • Choose better fonts
  • Choose better colors for indexBlocks.
  • Design secondary pages

Database Table Explanation

  • LOOKUPRole: Stores the available roles in the system.
  • SYSGuestTable: Not yet implemented. Will store guests that are not registered users. May not be necessary depending on requirements.
  • SYSGuestToRoomTable: Not yet implemented. Stores stores which guest is staying in which rooms. May not be necessary depending on requirements.
  • SYSOccupiedRoomTable: Stores which rooms belong to which reservations, the check-in and check-out date.
  • SYSReservationTable: Stores check-in / check-out date of reservation, reservation status, how it was made, which user placed the reservation, and when the reservation was placed.
  • SYSRoomReservedTable: Not yet implemented. Stores room number, reservation id, status. Will allow for multiple rooms / dates on a single reservation and cancellation of individual rooms without canceling the entire reservation.
  • SYSRoomTypeTable: No longer needed.
  • SYSRoomsTable: Stores information about rooms such as style, occupancy, bed type, smoking, etc.
  • SYSUser: Stores system user id, login name, password
  • SYSUserProfile: Stores individual user information such as name, phone number, notes about the user, etc
  • SYSUserRole: Stores the user role, and whether the user is currently active.


Hat-tip to user Vincent Durano for his information and examples on user account creation.