A retro style Rolodex-like app built in React.
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React-0-Dex i7200

Welcome To The Future!

The React-0-Dex i7200 is the perfect tool for today's busy professional. Featuring a bright liquid crystal display (LCD), convenient and easy to use forms, and large, colorful buttons, the React-0-Dex i7200 is built with form and functionality in mind. Works in all of todays major browser such as Netscape or AOL*, the i7200 is always at your fingertips. Order today, and receive a free pat on the back! **

* The i7200 probably won't actually work in Netscape or AOL.
** While supplies last!


  • React single page application
  • Create, update, delete entries
  • Show details of selected entry
  • Currently saves data to local storage
  • Fun retro style

Initial State

Entry Detail View

Filtered for 'B' Entries

New Entry Form

Edit Entry Form

TO-DO List

  • Add validation and lock down form fields
  • Make responsive. Especially the buttons.