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Challenges from Free Code Camp realised in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript languages.
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Basic Algorithm Scripting

Free Code Camp challenges and basics algorithms scriptings

Projects from Free Code Camp in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript languages.

Responsive Web Design Certification Projects

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification Projects

  • Palindrome Checker
  • Roman Numeral Converter
  • Caesars Cipher
  • Telephone Number Validator
  • Cash Register

Front End Libraries Certification Projects

  • Build a Random Quote Machine
  • Build a Markdown Previewer
  • Build a Drum Machine
  • Build a JavaScript Calculator
  • Build a Pomodoro Clock

Data Visualization Certification Projects

  • Visualize Data with a Bar Chart
  • Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph
  • Visualize Data with a Heat Map
  • Visualize Data with a Choropleth Map
  • Visualize Data with a Treemap Diagram

Apis And Microservices Certification Projects

  • Timestamp Microservice
  • Request Header Parser Microservice
  • URL Shortener Microservice
  • Exercise Tracker
  • File Metadata Microservice

Information Security And Quality Assurance Certification Projects

  • Metric-Imperial Converter
  • Issue Tracker
  • Personal Library
  • Stock Price Checker
  • Anonymous Message Board
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